Striped Butterfly Tunic

Recently I came across the Butterfly Sleeve Tunic tutorial at Make It Love It, and knew it was something I needed to try.

I found some great striped knit fabric on clearance at JoAnn that both my girls would like.

And fast forward a few weeks to today…

It’s a cold wet weekend here in Alabama (as opposed to last weekend’s bright sunny 70-80 degree weather), so what is there to do but hole up in the house in your pj’s all weekend and work on projects (and maybe some laundry and other chores in between)?

Out came the fabric and pattern tracing supplies and not long after, came this cute little top.

Striped Butterfly Tunic

I will admit, it turned out much better than I thought it would.

First of all, I was not sure how well I would do working with both knit fabric AND stripes.  I mean, knit is great and all, but it’s not the easiest to sew with since it’s so flimsy (especially this one) and it’s hard to move around and get things straightened up just right.  It takes a lot of patience to get it just right.  Also, with stripes you kind of have to cut your fabric just right and line everything up exactly to make sure that your stripes match up – which can be a big problem based off of the things I just said about knit fabric. 🙂

I surprisingly didn’t have a big problem with the stripes on this top – I was able to line up the stripes on the shoulders just fine.  And even though the stripes don’t line up front and back correctly, it’s not a major problem since there aren’t really any side seams.  You simply cannot tell unless you look really really hard.  And let’s face it, it’s a child’s top – and said child is really usually pretty fast and running around all over, so who is going to look that closely to see if the lines match up?

My biggest problem was doing the hem around the entire edge.  My machine gathered my fabric when I did the basting stitch (I couldn’t change the setting so that it wouldn’t gather – nothing seemed to work).  Then when folding up around the curved edges, it kept looking pretty weird and didn’t look perfect like it should have.

I just did what I could and went with it.  Again, it’s being worn by a pretty quick preschooler… who cares about the corners?

Striped Butterfly Tunic

I debated whether or not to put the elastic around the middle to gather, and settled on doing it only on the front of the shirt.  It looks good enough to give some definition and shape but keeps it from being uncomfortable and too tight.

Striped Butterfly Tunic

Overall, I am pleased with how this top came out.  Looks like it’s a bit big in the neckline – but that’s OK.  It just means that it will last awhile.  For now, I’ll probably make her put on a tank top underneath if she wears it out of the house, but as she grows then it should still fit just fine.

Little SQ seems quite happy with it as well.  She told me she wanted to wear it all day, which is about as good as it gets 🙂

The Too Big Hat

So that hat I was making awhile back.. the one that was supposed to be really awesome with cables in the ribbing and everything?  Yeah, well that didn’t work out so well.  I followed the pattern and it looked beautiful.  All until I had my husband try it on.

too big hat

Nice huh?

I LOVE the way it turned out, other than the fact that it’s way too big.  Normally, I’d just say that you could fold the brim up and it would still be wearable, however since it has cables in the ribbing, the underside looks a little weird.  Not a good solution.

Anyone know someone with a really big head that needs a hat?

knit knit knit

Lately, I’ve been working on quite a few more knitting projects at a time than usual.  I normally have about 3 projects going on at a time.  As of right now, my Ravelry projects page shows me with about 7.  Yep, it’s crunch time for getting those Christmas gifts finished!

My biggest project at the moment is the Arleen sweater for my sister (She’s already seen it, so I’m not going to worry about ruining the surprise).

Whitney trying on her in-progress Arleen sweater

For this cute sweater I used Lion Brand Wool Ease in Sea Spray.  I like it because it’s washable.  I know very well that she wouldn’t take the time to hand-wash a sweater so I figured I’d try and make it easy for her.  This way it can actually be worn, not stuck in the closet all the time.  As of now, I’ve got about 6ish more inches to go on the body.  The original pattern is short sleeved, but I have considered making them longer… guess time will be the deciding factor.  We’ll see.  Oh, and I’ve also got to find just the right buttons for the neck closure.  Hope to have this one finished soon!

Next, I’ve just started on a man’s hat.  I’m using the Fisher Cable Hat pattern by Lindsey Felice.  I’m really loving the cables in the ribbing!  So glad I learned how to do cables and didn’t get scared off.  They are so much fun!

The other two that are actual gifts are cowls.  I’m actually considering frogging them and changing to a different pattern, just to save a bit of time.  I’ll share more once I’ve really figured that part out.

What are you working on lately?  Any recommendations for awesome quick gifts?

Knit Vest

I finally made something wearable! It’s for the girls, and turned out super cute!

Fall Vest


I found this Fall Vest pattern on Ravelry and thought it would be a super cute quick knit! It totally did not disappoint!

I cast this on Sunday morning and had the yoke portion finished that day. Then worked on this a little bit each day and finally finished this up this evening. All it needs now is buttons – which we are going to find tomorrow while we’re out. 🙂 Yeah!

Fall Vest - front
Front View

Fall Vest - back
Back View

The sizing on the pattern said 12-24 mos and I only upped my needle size 0.5mm from the recommended size but this thing is pretty big. I’d call it more of a 3/4T. My yarn was labeled bulky, but due to the variegated sizing of the yarn, I’m totally going to call it a little bulkier than your average bulky. I like that it’s large though, it looks OK now but the girls will be able to wear it for several years – so that’s extra nice! You can see my project details on Ravelry here.

geez, I’m bad at this blogging thing

It’s really already April and I haven’t posted a thing since January… I totally suck at this!

Anyway, just checking in a bit. I was thinking today about how many outstanding projects that I’ve started and never finished. Of course, I was browsing through Ravelry at the time, looking for yet another something to start. I’m horrible, I know.

I did work a bit today on the Newborn Vertebrae sweater I’ve been knitting. But because I’m that much of a slacker, I turned what was supposed to be long sleeves into short ones. Oh well. In my defense, I know of several new “warm weather” babies that are coming along soon so this works well for a gift for one of them.

I’ve also gone back to crocheting a bit and in the past week have made a few baskets (started by the girls Easter basket), a flower, and am in the middle of a tiny little coin pouch that is worked on a really tiny hook with really small thread. It’s looking pretty cool though.

When I think back though, I’ve still got Mom’s sweater that I’m working on as well as a baby wrap sweater that I started back in August (the baby was born in November), and shoot… probably something else that I’ve forgotten.

Why can’t I be better at actually getting these larger (more time consuming at least) projects finished before wanting to start another one?