a business trip

So occasionally I get to go on a business trip for work.  Always to a conference or something of the sort.  Usually lots of fun and good info.  This past week I got the chance to go to an Internal Communicators Conference held by Ragan Communications in Cary, NC at the SAS World Headquarters.  That probably doesn’t mean much to you unless you were there, or are a SAS employee.  But trust me, it was pretty awesome!

SAS was actually just recently named the best place in the world to work!  From what I saw, it does look pretty awesome.  They have onsite daycare, fully staffed healthcare and pharmacy, a fitness center, and lots and lots more.  Their campus is GIANT (the buildings I saw were labeled up to letter U – and there was more construction going on) and really beautiful.  Lots of interesting statues and nice things to look at.

I actually learned a lot, heard some interesting speakers and got a few ideas for things I want to try at work (I work in Internal Communications – Intranets are my thing), which is the real reason I went on the trip.  I’d definitely call it a success!

But, none of you want to hear about the boring work stuff, right?

So here’s how my week went…  Tuesday I woke up bright and early to leave home and go to the airport.  I spent the first half of the day flying from Huntsville, to Atlanta, to Raleigh – not a bad trip actually.  It was nice that the flights were each under an hour.  Once I got to Raleigh, picked up my rental car and checked in to my hotel; I ventured out to explore what Cary has to offer.  My findings at first were not super exciting… I stopped at Rite Aid for a few essentials and snacks then tried to find something to eat (not very successfully, I wound up eating fast food at Zaxbys – oh well).

I DID however, find this really cute little yarn shop called Warm ‘n Fuzzy.  I talked to the owner while I was in there and she was really nice.  She even recommended a sushi place for me to try (although sadly, I never made it there).  Of course I picked up some really awesome goodies while I was there.  See?
newest additions to my stash
I’m totally in love with the Shepherd’s Wool that I got.  It’s so super soft and totally affordable.  I just wish my LYS would carry it (I’ll have to ask about it).

The rest of the trip was fairly predictable.  I went to the conference each day.  When it was over I’d go out to find dinner and see what else I could get in to.  Then head back to the hotel to relax and actually get to watch some TV.  I did make plans two of the nights to go to dinner with another lady I met at the conference.  It was really nice to be able to have someone to hang out with and not have to eat alone.  Plus, we ate at some pretty good places.

Anyway, that’s about it for my trip.  I was very happy to get back home on Saturday and see my little family.  I think they were pretty happy to see me too!  Here’s a few more photos from the trip.

geez, I’m bad at this blogging thing

It’s really already April and I haven’t posted a thing since January… I totally suck at this!

Anyway, just checking in a bit. I was thinking today about how many outstanding projects that I’ve started and never finished. Of course, I was browsing through Ravelry at the time, looking for yet another something to start. I’m horrible, I know.

I did work a bit today on the Newborn Vertebrae sweater I’ve been knitting. But because I’m that much of a slacker, I turned what was supposed to be long sleeves into short ones. Oh well. In my defense, I know of several new “warm weather” babies that are coming along soon so this works well for a gift for one of them.

I’ve also gone back to crocheting a bit and in the past week have made a few baskets (started by the girls Easter basket), a flower, and am in the middle of a tiny little coin pouch that is worked on a really tiny hook with really small thread. It’s looking pretty cool though.

When I think back though, I’ve still got Mom’s sweater that I’m working on as well as a baby wrap sweater that I started back in August (the baby was born in November), and shoot… probably something else that I’ve forgotten.

Why can’t I be better at actually getting these larger (more time consuming at least) projects finished before wanting to start another one?

I’m back!

After a few years of (sometimes) blogging elsewhere, I have decided to move my blog back to WordPress and try to revamp it a bit.

Stay tuned for a variety of posts – crafty stuff (of course)… things I’ve made, the occasional how-to or tutorial, etc; fun random things that I come across, photos that I take (mostly of my family or places I go), and whatever other random thoughts I feel like sharing.  🙂  I will tell ya now, I’m pretty darn random… so if you are up for some variety, then stick this link in your bookmarks and check back occasionally 🙂

If you used to follow me on my blogger site (http://imakestuff.blogspot.com) then you are aware of my randomness… thanks for following me over here.  I’m working on importing my old posts from there to here so that all will not be lost.  There were a few good things over there that I’d like to keep all in one place at least. 🙂

December Daily Album

So I have finally gotten the pages of my December Daily Album put together and photographed!  I’m really excited about how it has turned out so far, and I’m just ready for December to start so that I can start seeing this all come together!

Anyway, here’s the cover:

and if you’d like to see the rest of the pages, check them out here.

Seattle Album

So after about a year and a half… I finally got everything together and made my Seattle Album.  I have been inspired to make some mini albums lately, so here’s my attempt.  I tried to keep it simple and just focus on the pictures, and add a few bits of words.  Here’s how it turned out!

The album is a Kolo Vineyard paper album.  I did end up having an extra page spread inside the middle of the album that I didn’t have photos for… so I just glued those pages together… you can’t really tell and it took care of the issue just perfectly!

Next Project… December Daily Album

So I have decided on my next mini album project attempt.  This time I’m going to actually follow through!!!  I’m again following the wonderfully talented Ali Edwards as she creates a “December Daily” album.  Basically, you commit to taking a photo (or more) each day in December showing different pieces of your daily life during the holidays (decorating, baking, opening gifts, etc.).  The great part of this album is that you create the album pages pretty much completely before December starts.  That way, each day all you have to do is add your picture and any journaling that you may want to include.  Ali’s version will basically be the 25 days of Christmas – counting down to Christmas day… I’ve decided that I’d like to include the entire 31 days of December.  It will be cool to look back at our last Christmas being just the two of us (plus Shadow of course)… plus we never know when #3 will make his/her appearance – so it might just include a bit of the very begining of the new one’s life as well.  I think it will be great!

This past weekend I made it to my local scrapbook shop (I can’t believe we only have 1 of those here in town now!) and picked out some wonderful papers that coordinate by My Mind’s Eye.  The papers I picked up came from the “Be Merry” collection by Zoe Pearn and the “Snowed In” Collection.

I also found a really cute acrylic album online at Two Peas in a Bucket.  It’s the  White Dots Square 6 inch Cover Set By Page Frame Designs.  I really like how the white dots on the cover look a bit like snowballs!  I also got some Clear Square 6 Inch pages (also by Page Frame Designs) and some awesome Lily White La-di-dot Spot Flock cardstock by Doodlebug Designs.

White Dots Square 6 inch Cover Set

White Dots Square 6 inch Cover Set

Clear Square 6 Inch pages

Clear Square 6 Inch pages

Lily White La-di-dot Spot Flock cardstock

Lily White La-di-dot Spot Flock cardstock

I can’t wait until the album and stuff comes in so that I can begin assembling my pages!  I’ll update more as I get more finished!

Birthday Celebration at Chirpi!

Woo-hoo! It’s Victoria’s birthday, and she wanted to celebrate it with you all.

First off there is a 35% storewide sale — yup that’s 35% off the entire store from the 8th until the 12th October!

Not only that — but she has been busy busy creating a new freebie kit for you “Party Pop” — bright and vibrant, just right for celebrations!

Also another bonus…

Day In The Life

OK… so I decided that I have several great photos from last week that I actually took… and I’ve been taking various photos the past few days so I decided to do a “day in the life” mini album instead of a “week in the life” album.  That way I can skip a day if I need to and I won’t feel bad about it – and it will all still flow 🙂

Here are my photos from yesterday:


(all photos from 10/07 are from after I got home from work)

  • woke up & started to get ready for work
  • took blood sugar reading
  • packed lunch & snacks for the day
  • ate my Eggo waffles while driving to work
  • worked…
  • blood sugar then snack time
  • ate lunch in my car, curled up all cozy with my book (wanted to just take a nap)
  • worked some more…
  • blood sugar then snack time… again
  • visited with Desiree & Lisa
  • drove home
  • changed into my cozy pj pants
  • folded laundry
  • got my snack together – apple, water with lime juice and a few pieces of indian corn
  • lounged on the couch while snacking
  • found a bone folder and scored all the invitations that I am working on
  • Jeremy called on his way home so I started dinner
  • ate dinner together
  • checked emails
  • attempted to take a new “belly shot”
  • Shadow wanted in on the action in the bathroom, so I turned the water faucet on for her to drink out of
  • got comfy in the bed and worked on a little bit more of my knitting
  • “Greek” was on so I re-started it from the beginning (thanks TiVo!)
  • back started hurting so I put away the knitting and laid down
  • dozed off to sleep 🙂