Happy New Year!

So yeah, I’m feeling like trying the whole blogging thing again for a bit.  Let’s see how this goes.

A lot has happened in the past 8 months since I posted anything.  The biggest thing, is that in November we welcomed our newest member to the family.  Charlotte Rose arrived the week before Thanksgiving.  She’s been such a wonderful baby, we love her so much.  Her big sisters are doing great with her.  They just wish she would grow up a bit so that they can play with her. 🙂


All is well in our household and we are looking forward to see what 2014 has in store for us.

I have a few projects that I’m going to attempt again this year.  Hopefully, I can finish at least one of them.  My big thing is to continue my Project Life album.  I’m currently working on going back and filling in the blanks from my 2013 album and coming up with my plan for how I can stay on track this year.  Today, I came across a post/video about an app that might help me keep things organized and on track.  It’s called Capture, and you can use it to organize your photos, take notes, set reminders, etc.  Learn about it here, where I did, in this blog post at This and That.  I downloaded it (and upgraded to the full version for only $1.99) and got myself caught up for this year.  I’m planning on keeping my photos organized on here then placing a monthly order at Persnickety Prints for my photos (they print 3×4!).  I’m currently uploading about 250 photos to print from last year.  Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Other than my Project Life album, I’m also hoping to get the girls’ albums caught up and maintained.  This is a big project!  At least I’m getting my photos taken – even if I have been slow (bad) about printing and recording them.

Anyway, more to come soon!

And Project Life Begins… my first few pages

I’ve done it!  I got my title page and first week’s spread completed – well, nearly… it’s waiting on a photo or two that is being picked up tomorrow.

Wanna see?  Of course you do…



Cover page above needs a quote or something on that dark block on the edge, just not sure what yet…


That top 4×6 block will be home to a group photo from NYE and the blank pink spot on the other page will have a small photo as well.


The little “This Week” journaling card is one of the folded cards where inside I wrote all about the week.  Not everything I document will be public knowledge, so I like having these little folded cards for the “secret” stuff I want to remember.




Nice huh?  I started realizing that I was printing too many photos and didn’t have a lot of space left over for writing.  I’ll probably NOT quit taking so many photos to include, but instead just not necessarily do only a week on a two page spread.  Or  I might add smaller pages (5×7, 8.5×11) in between the larger spread.  Either way, there is no way I will cut out all the photos – I will make room for them somehow.  They are what really makes the book for me.

I just want to be sure I make the space for the little notes as well, that is the part of the story that is often missing for me because I just don’t feel like writing – or wait too long and can’t remember.

Anyway, I’m totally loving this album so far (yeah, I know I only started).  I think it will be a lot of fun to keep up with, and my girls are already wanting to get involved, and they love looking at the photos and helping slide them into the pockets.  I really enjoy that they are enjoying it.  Now, It’s just up to me to keep it up.

DecDaily12: Days 6-15

I’ve been home sick the past two days, which has given me some time to continue the progress on my December Daily album.  Here are my new pages.  Some still need photos, but they have been ordered so that’s at least something.  Plus, I’ve added photos that I did receive to my previous pages.  When it’s all said and done I will do a re-cap with all new photos of the completed pages.  I just didn’t see much of the point in taking 3 photos of each page.

December Daily 2012: 6 & 7

December Daily 2012: 8
December Daily 2012: 8

December Daily 2012: 9

December Daily 2012: 11

December Daily 2012: 12

December Daily 2012: 13 & 14

December Daily 2012: 15

As you can see, there was a day I didn’t really have anything, so I skipped it – no big deal.  There are other days were a lot was happening, so I’ve left plenty of space to add lots of photos.  Day 15 has a LOT of photos, it was great to be able to document all of this.

More later, So far I just have 3 days to catch up with – and honestly, there hasn’t been much to say for those either.  We’re getting closer to the end of the month though and time to wrap up this whole project.  I’m loving that this year I am actually completing this whole album.

DecDaily12: Days 1-5

I’m back with an update… these pages are still in-progress since they have no photos yet, but you still get the idea AND it kinda keeps me on track.

Day 1:

The beginning of all of this – I spent the first half of the day in airports and airplanes.  Waiting to add a few photos on a grid from my traveling for the day.

Day 2:

Jeremy’s birthday!  Journaling was typed and talks about how we picked up Dunkin’ Donuts while Daddy slept in.  And how we went out for a dinner with the family that evening.  Plan to add a large photo of the birthday boy on the left side.  Possibly a few small ones added to the right page.

Day 3:

A kind of random Monday.  Just a few interesting notes about what happened.  Plan to fill the spaces with 2×2 photos that go with each statement.

Day 4:

A day I had been waiting for – and one that has made these more frequent updates possible.  My new iMac was delivered!  The old laptop was on it’s death bed so I couldn’t use it much, now there are definitely no problems!

Day 5:

Nora’s Birthday!  Even though she couldn’t quite believe it at first.  We love birthdays in our house, the girls have pretend birthdays all the time.  When it actually was real, Nora just couldn’t quite believe it.  Of course, she went all around town telling people it was her birthday the rest of the day! 🙂  Plan is to fill that box with a photo grid of a few photos from the day.

So that’s what I’ve got so far.  I’ve got lots of photos that I want to try to incorporate for day 8, so right now I’m trying to figure out exactly what needs to happen there.  Stay tuned for more to come!

I Love Photo Books!

I love making photo books, I rarely actually do them but I do love them. They are a great way to quickly save some memories for future generations. I especially like how I can print multiple copies so that my children can each have their own copy when they get older.

Here’s the most recent photo book I created on Shutterfly with our family photos from this fall. Photos were taken by my sister Whitney at Caught You on Camera.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Start your own Shutterfly Photo Book today.

A Girly Dinosaur Party

Yes, I’ve warned you before… I’m completely random around here and things often get out of order.  It’s because I rarely get a chance to get to my actual computer to write a post… It’s so much easier to write from a real computer (desktop or laptop) rather than my iPad.  Sometimes I just take what I can get though (as my laptop has been acting up lately).


Last Saturday, my youngest daughter turned 3!  And so for the next 3 weeks, I will have two 3 year olds!  (yes, if you didn’t know already, my children are only 10 months, 3 weeks and 5 days apart).

Little SQ wanted a dinosaur party!  I’m not sure what her obsession with dinosaurs has been lately, but it’s fun, so why not?  The only real problem is that I was planning this party on short notice (I’m a slacker), and anything dinosaur that you find is often very boy-ish and more on the scary side.  While that doesn’t normally bother me, she is a 3 year old little girl, and she needed at least a semi-girlish themed party.

I of course, scoured the internet for ideas and found lots of cute things on Etsy – but I didn’t have much time to order anything, so I had to make it work myself.  I think the party turned out great!  And so did SQ!  Here are a few pics from the day.

See, lots of fun!  SQ really enjoyed having all her friends come play and enjoy the day with her.

After the party, my girls wanted to stay outside and play in the bounce house – and so they did… until it got dark.  BEST INVESTMENT EVER!  Yep, we bought the bounce house shown in the photos above.  Why not really?  For the cost of purchasing this one, we could have rented one twice.  This way, we can use it whenever we want and keep the kids occupied for as long as possible – plus, it’s something that they can do outside and keep them active.

I’d definitely call the day a success!  Now, on to plan a princess themed birthday party for the next one (could my kids be any more different?  :))

Playing catch up a bit

It’s been FOREVER it seems since I actually sat down at my desktop computer at home and worked on much of anything. Lately when I get on here it’s for a quick 5 minutes while the husband bathes the kids. Blogging from my iPad just doesn’t work well for me because usually I want to add great photos that I took and are saved on my big computer. So yeah, that’s my excuse for not posting anything for the past few weeks.

Let’s see what happened…

I realized that I took pics of the girls for 3 weeks straight, and thought “Hey, I can count this as a Porject 52 in the making!”… then I didn’t take pics for week 4. It’s still not entirely too late – if I get some new ones tonight. We’ll see how that goes. Either way, I got some sweet new pics of my girls for the start of 2012.

Wanna see? I know you do 🙂
I already posted the first ones. Below are the next two weeks…

Confection Shrug


That one with SQ in her cute little yellow shrug? I made that shrug 🙂 (She doesn’t like it because it doesn’t close in the front – says it’s too small)



This second set, both girls were sick. I was off work for MLK Jr. Day and we spent the entire day inside.

And because I couldn’t resist…


Nothing’s sweeter than a sleeping baby 🙂

Let’s see what else… I’ve got several knitting projects going on all at once (surprise surprise!)  I’m knitting a vest for Mom which is going slowly but I plan to have it done by her birthday in March.  I finished my very first sweater for me, and it’s awesome – but too big.  The pattern is a keeper, I’ll definitely make another one – just next time much smaller.  I still haven’t taken pics of m new sweater, but you can be sure I’ll share when I do.  I’m also halfway through a pair of wristers, which are actually kinda large on me too.  And I’m actively working on a sweet little ribbed beanie for my friend’s new nephew who was born this week.

Ok, I guess that’s it for my boring little piece of the world… our house has been fighting off illness all month and it’s been too wet and rainy outside for 90% of the month for the kids to be able to get out and play so we are all starting to go a bit stir-crazy.

A day off with my girls

I’m off work today so I’m enjoying a bit of time with my girls and trying to get this house back in some sort of order.  So far, we’ve eaten a few good meals, taken baths due to the messiness of those meals (well one of them), Grandma came over to play for a little bit, and I even managed to get the girls to let me take their picture a few times!  I’m using these to play around with some new actions that I got for Christmas, and I’m really enjoying the results!  I’m not all the way through yet, but here are a few that I have gotten together…

1-2-12 Nora

1-2-12 Sarah

1-2-12 Sarah

December Daily 2010 & a Plan

Yes… that says 2010.

Lately I’ve been thinking about this year’s December Daily album.  I have attempted to do one for the past 3 years and have never really gotten very far with it.  I have great intentions – then only get part way through the month.

Well today I started looking through my box with all my December Daily stuff from last year.  I picked up my album and found that I had made it through 15 whole days!  I really couldn’t remember doing any days, so this was quite a surprise!  I got through day 7 of actually putting the pages together too.  See, it turns out that I did my pages digitally, then had them printed to add to a bigger embellished page in the actual album.

I just finished actually putting the pages in the album posts and sticking the extra printed pages in so that I can go back and glue them to the bigger page.  Hopefully I can do that in the next day or so. Humm…

Yet another unfinished album to add to the stack…  I’m not doing so well with this tradition am I?

Sooo… this year I am thinking I need a different approach.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Put my album pages together as I normally would (ahead of time) – basically build an empty album with pages ready to be filled.
  • Sometime around Thanksgiving, I’ll start taking photos and gathering stories.  We like to put up our tree and decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, so this will help show a little more of what we do at our house.
  • I won’t worry so much about getting something for each and every day, but focus more on capturing everything that we do.  Some days may be filled with multiple events while others are just basic “go to work, come home, feed kids, put them to bed, relax” kind of days.  (Not that those aren’t worth documenting, but I don’t really need to do that for 20 days of the month and feel like I’ve got to skimp on some of the times that we actually DO something, you know?)
  • Hopefully by the time New Years rolls around, I’ll have a full Holiday album for 2011.

Have you ever done a December Daily album?  Ever lost your motivation part way through the month?  What are your tips for staying on track?  Have you modified your December Daily album to better fit your lifestyle?

Tell me about it…  🙂