My first “quilt”

Although it’s not got any piecing, Technically, it IS a quilt… because I quilted it 🙂

At a random visit to Hobby Lobby, I let the girls pick out some fabric to make a blanket out of.  The plan was simple… I’d get two different fabrics, sandwich some batting between them and do some stitching to keep them together, then bind the edges.  For once, a plan worked out the way it was supposed to.

first "quilt"

I bought 1/2 a yard of fabric and ended up cutting that in half length-wise to make it more of a square.  This is the perfect size for a little cuddle blanket or doll quilt.
Once I had all the layers cut, I planned the stitching. With the houndstooth fabric, there are practically already drawn diagonal lines, so I used them as a guide.  Using my machine, I stitched white lines at equal distances apart, starting from the center of the quilt.  Then, using some fun contrasting colors of DMC floss, I hand stitched in between the machine lines.

The hand stitching is my favorite part.  It’s really the reason I decided to do this project in the first place.  🙂

first "quilt"

My layers got off a bit as I was stitching – because I didn’t pin it all together like I should have.  Lesson learned for the next one.

Anyway, once I was finished with my stitching, I squared it up and attached the binding.  This is another step that I definitely need a bit more practice on.  I decided to make it easy and machine stitch it on – figured it would hold up better this way too.

So now, my first little “quilt” is complete.  SQ loves it and I can’t wait to wash it to give it that nice puckered look… which is my next favorite thing about quilts.