Weekend Sewing Fails, Turned Successes!

I guess this just isn’t my weekend for sewing…

I started off late Friday night with this brilliant idea to use up this jersey knit and create a basic boxy, comfy t-shirt for myself. I used measurements that were in my head (what I thought I remembered from the last time I measured). I had it all cut out, pinned up and stitched up then tried it on Saturday morning… Ummm Big NO.

Of course the measurements were wrong, the comfy shirt was skin tight and just wasn’t going to work.

So, I asked one of my beautiful daughters to play model for me. 🙂 Little SQ got in on the action this time and so I tried the top on her, made some marks and turned it into a play dress. Kinda… it’s boring and needs a little something extra but it does fit and will work for this spring to play around in. At least it wasn’t a complete waste.

Well, today I started going through patterns that I had bought and found one that was labeled Easy – looked pretty basic and so I figured I’d try it. I got my pattern all cut, ironed, and pinned. Then I made the mistake of cutting before I had all of my pattern pieces laid out on my available fabric and ended up not having enough room to lay all my pieces out.

I could have salvaged it if I knew anyone who could wear a size 8 – but I don’t, not anyone who would have liked the style top I was making anyway.

So bright idea hit and I figured I could salvage the material into a little top/dress for my girls. Got all the pieces cut, and of course since I was making it all up in my head, I messed up sewing the bodice together and it’s just one big mess right now. I could fix it if I wanted to rip a bunch of seams – and I might – but it’s not going to happen tonight.   I had an idea and it worked!  I have managed to salvage the bodice.  It’s required a bit of extra work, but it’s pretty and will mean that I haven’t completely ruined 2.5 yards of fabric.

I also tried the bodice on SQ and it fit – tightly, but I could still get it on her and she could wear it comfortably – just as long as she didn’t need to put on a long sleeved shirt with it… (umm, that’s your que warm weather…)

More on this tomorrow – or whenever I finish the entire dress.


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