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Lately, I’ve been working on quite a few more knitting projects at a time than usual.  I normally have about 3 projects going on at a time.  As of right now, my Ravelry projects page shows me with about 7.  Yep, it’s crunch time for getting those Christmas gifts finished!

My biggest project at the moment is the Arleen sweater for my sister (She’s already seen it, so I’m not going to worry about ruining the surprise).

Whitney trying on her in-progress Arleen sweater

For this cute sweater I used Lion Brand Wool Ease in Sea Spray.  I like it because it’s washable.  I know very well that she wouldn’t take the time to hand-wash a sweater so I figured I’d try and make it easy for her.  This way it can actually be worn, not stuck in the closet all the time.  As of now, I’ve got about 6ish more inches to go on the body.  The original pattern is short sleeved, but I have considered making them longer… guess time will be the deciding factor.  We’ll see.  Oh, and I’ve also got to find just the right buttons for the neck closure.  Hope to have this one finished soon!

Next, I’ve just started on a man’s hat.  I’m using the Fisher Cable Hat pattern by Lindsey Felice.  I’m really loving the cables in the ribbing!  So glad I learned how to do cables and didn’t get scared off.  They are so much fun!

The other two that are actual gifts are cowls.  I’m actually considering frogging them and changing to a different pattern, just to save a bit of time.  I’ll share more once I’ve really figured that part out.

What are you working on lately?  Any recommendations for awesome quick gifts?


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