a business trip

So occasionally I get to go on a business trip for work.  Always to a conference or something of the sort.  Usually lots of fun and good info.  This past week I got the chance to go to an Internal Communicators Conference held by Ragan Communications in Cary, NC at the SAS World Headquarters.  That probably doesn’t mean much to you unless you were there, or are a SAS employee.  But trust me, it was pretty awesome!

SAS was actually just recently named the best place in the world to work!  From what I saw, it does look pretty awesome.  They have onsite daycare, fully staffed healthcare and pharmacy, a fitness center, and lots and lots more.  Their campus is GIANT (the buildings I saw were labeled up to letter U – and there was more construction going on) and really beautiful.  Lots of interesting statues and nice things to look at.

I actually learned a lot, heard some interesting speakers and got a few ideas for things I want to try at work (I work in Internal Communications – Intranets are my thing), which is the real reason I went on the trip.  I’d definitely call it a success!

But, none of you want to hear about the boring work stuff, right?

So here’s how my week went…  Tuesday I woke up bright and early to leave home and go to the airport.  I spent the first half of the day flying from Huntsville, to Atlanta, to Raleigh – not a bad trip actually.  It was nice that the flights were each under an hour.  Once I got to Raleigh, picked up my rental car and checked in to my hotel; I ventured out to explore what Cary has to offer.  My findings at first were not super exciting… I stopped at Rite Aid for a few essentials and snacks then tried to find something to eat (not very successfully, I wound up eating fast food at Zaxbys – oh well).

I DID however, find this really cute little yarn shop called Warm ‘n Fuzzy.  I talked to the owner while I was in there and she was really nice.  She even recommended a sushi place for me to try (although sadly, I never made it there).  Of course I picked up some really awesome goodies while I was there.  See?
newest additions to my stash
I’m totally in love with the Shepherd’s Wool that I got.  It’s so super soft and totally affordable.  I just wish my LYS would carry it (I’ll have to ask about it).

The rest of the trip was fairly predictable.  I went to the conference each day.  When it was over I’d go out to find dinner and see what else I could get in to.  Then head back to the hotel to relax and actually get to watch some TV.  I did make plans two of the nights to go to dinner with another lady I met at the conference.  It was really nice to be able to have someone to hang out with and not have to eat alone.  Plus, we ate at some pretty good places.

Anyway, that’s about it for my trip.  I was very happy to get back home on Saturday and see my little family.  I think they were pretty happy to see me too!  Here’s a few more photos from the trip.


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