A Girly Dinosaur Party

Yes, I’ve warned you before… I’m completely random around here and things often get out of order.  It’s because I rarely get a chance to get to my actual computer to write a post… It’s so much easier to write from a real computer (desktop or laptop) rather than my iPad.  Sometimes I just take what I can get though (as my laptop has been acting up lately).


Last Saturday, my youngest daughter turned 3!  And so for the next 3 weeks, I will have two 3 year olds!  (yes, if you didn’t know already, my children are only 10 months, 3 weeks and 5 days apart).

Little SQ wanted a dinosaur party!  I’m not sure what her obsession with dinosaurs has been lately, but it’s fun, so why not?  The only real problem is that I was planning this party on short notice (I’m a slacker), and anything dinosaur that you find is often very boy-ish and more on the scary side.  While that doesn’t normally bother me, she is a 3 year old little girl, and she needed at least a semi-girlish themed party.

I of course, scoured the internet for ideas and found lots of cute things on Etsy – but I didn’t have much time to order anything, so I had to make it work myself.  I think the party turned out great!  And so did SQ!  Here are a few pics from the day.

See, lots of fun!  SQ really enjoyed having all her friends come play and enjoy the day with her.

After the party, my girls wanted to stay outside and play in the bounce house – and so they did… until it got dark.  BEST INVESTMENT EVER!  Yep, we bought the bounce house shown in the photos above.  Why not really?  For the cost of purchasing this one, we could have rented one twice.  This way, we can use it whenever we want and keep the kids occupied for as long as possible – plus, it’s something that they can do outside and keep them active.

I’d definitely call the day a success!  Now, on to plan a princess themed birthday party for the next one (could my kids be any more different?  :))


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