Slanted Stitches in Stockinette

I’ve had this problem when knitting stockinette stitch where my purl rows look twisted. When knitting in the round, I would get these perfect even stitches but with knitting flat back and forth, the purl rows were awful looking.

I knew I must have been doing something wrong, but I couldn’t quite figure it out until this weekend…
You see, I’ve got this beautiful Madelinetosh Lace that I bought to make myself something beautiful with, but I knew I needed to figure out what was going on with my stitches before I started on anything because I didn’t want to waste such beautiful and pricey yarn on something that didn’t look perfect!

So, I started looking around the Internet at forum posts and someone mentioned that they figured out they were wrapping the yarn in the wrong direction. ta-da! That was exactly what I was doing wrong!

It turns out that you are supposed to wrap the yarn counter clockwise (not clockwise like I was doing)

To test this out, I knit a little swatch and tried my old way and the new way so that I could see the difference. It’s amazing what a difference doing it the right way makes!

Now that I’ve figured out my error, I’m all ready to start on my new sweater!


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