Finished Mom’s Christmas Gift!

yep… that’s right!  I finished Mom’s knitted Christmas gift… for 2011.

See, I had started knitting Mom a nice little pullover sweater… nothing fancy, but it was supposed to be nice and cozy and a quick knit.  And it was… however, my sizing was way off and I realized too close to Christmas (i.e. too late to do anything else) that it wasn’t going to fit her.  So, my backup plan became to give her an IOU.  She got to pick out the pattern and the yarn and I would knit her something.

She originally picked the Cherish vest by Mimie Wong, but once I bought the pattern I couldn’t understand how to read it.  It wasn’t written out like any other pattern I had seen, but was in some weird diagram that I just couldn’t figure out.  One day I will though… simply because I paid for the pattern.

Anyway, since the first option wasn’t going to work out I picked out the Poitou vest pattern by Berroco.  It looked very similar to the Cherish vest and I figured I could get through it pretty quickly.  Unfortunately, it became very boring very fast!  It’s bottom up and I had decided to make it seamless, which meant very long rows of plain stockinette.  I got very distracted by more exciting things so this one sat for awhile.

I of course browse through Ravelry a lot and find all sorts of new things, and I had been looking for something that might be quicker to make and similar to these other vests.  I really wanted to start another sweater for myself, but was feeling guilty for not getting Mom’s vest done… and that’s when I came across the Astrolabe vest by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  I didn’t really care for the variegated yarn they used, and that’s why I think I overlooked it so many times.  I decided that with the larger needles and simple garter stitch, it could be done fairly quickly.  And it did!  It took me about 2 weeks from start to finish, and I think it turned out great!  Mom liked it too, and it fit her perfectly!  Hopefully she’ll get some good use out of it!



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