geez, I’m bad at this blogging thing

It’s really already April and I haven’t posted a thing since January… I totally suck at this!

Anyway, just checking in a bit. I was thinking today about how many outstanding projects that I’ve started and never finished. Of course, I was browsing through Ravelry at the time, looking for yet another something to start. I’m horrible, I know.

I did work a bit today on the Newborn Vertebrae sweater I’ve been knitting. But because I’m that much of a slacker, I turned what was supposed to be long sleeves into short ones. Oh well. In my defense, I know of several new “warm weather” babies that are coming along soon so this works well for a gift for one of them.

I’ve also gone back to crocheting a bit and in the past week have made a few baskets (started by the girls Easter basket), a flower, and am in the middle of a tiny little coin pouch that is worked on a really tiny hook with really small thread. It’s looking pretty cool though.

When I think back though, I’ve still got Mom’s sweater that I’m working on as well as a baby wrap sweater that I started back in August (the baby was born in November), and shoot… probably something else that I’ve forgotten.

Why can’t I be better at actually getting these larger (more time consuming at least) projects finished before wanting to start another one?


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