Playing catch up a bit

It’s been FOREVER it seems since I actually sat down at my desktop computer at home and worked on much of anything. Lately when I get on here it’s for a quick 5 minutes while the husband bathes the kids. Blogging from my iPad just doesn’t work well for me because usually I want to add great photos that I took and are saved on my big computer. So yeah, that’s my excuse for not posting anything for the past few weeks.

Let’s see what happened…

I realized that I took pics of the girls for 3 weeks straight, and thought “Hey, I can count this as a Porject 52 in the making!”… then I didn’t take pics for week 4. It’s still not entirely too late – if I get some new ones tonight. We’ll see how that goes. Either way, I got some sweet new pics of my girls for the start of 2012.

Wanna see? I know you do 🙂
I already posted the first ones. Below are the next two weeks…

Confection Shrug


That one with SQ in her cute little yellow shrug? I made that shrug 🙂 (She doesn’t like it because it doesn’t close in the front – says it’s too small)



This second set, both girls were sick. I was off work for MLK Jr. Day and we spent the entire day inside.

And because I couldn’t resist…


Nothing’s sweeter than a sleeping baby 🙂

Let’s see what else… I’ve got several knitting projects going on all at once (surprise surprise!)  I’m knitting a vest for Mom which is going slowly but I plan to have it done by her birthday in March.  I finished my very first sweater for me, and it’s awesome – but too big.  The pattern is a keeper, I’ll definitely make another one – just next time much smaller.  I still haven’t taken pics of m new sweater, but you can be sure I’ll share when I do.  I’m also halfway through a pair of wristers, which are actually kinda large on me too.  And I’m actively working on a sweet little ribbed beanie for my friend’s new nephew who was born this week.

Ok, I guess that’s it for my boring little piece of the world… our house has been fighting off illness all month and it’s been too wet and rainy outside for 90% of the month for the kids to be able to get out and play so we are all starting to go a bit stir-crazy.


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