My Babies First Haircuts


Yes, you read that correctly. Their FIRST haircuts. Yes, they are 2 & 3 years old.

I had been dreading taking the girls for their first haircuts… I was afraid that all those wonderful curls would start to disappear.  But eventually, it just had to happen.

Nora’s hair was scraggly, wouldn’t do much but frizz up most of the time, and it was pretty much all the way down to her waistline.  It could be really cute when it’s fixed, but I’m the only one who ever seems to fix it.

Sarah’s hair was just fine in length, but her bangs were falling all in her eyes, and it just looked horrible.

I was also a little worried about taking Sarah somewhere and her pitching a fit.  She’s never done to well around strangers and tends to pitch a fit… luckily, we didn’t have that problem.  She definitely got quiet, and wasn’t super friendly or anything but she did not yell, scream and cry when it was time to get her hair done… so I’m a happy Momma!

Nora did great, as you can see from her picture above, she is quite a ham. She loved watching the girl cut her hair in the mirror and could barely take her eyes off herself when she first sat in the chair so that I could get a before picture.

Anyway, it was a super success!



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