December Daily 2010 & a Plan

Yes… that says 2010.

Lately I’ve been thinking about this year’s December Daily album.  I have attempted to do one for the past 3 years and have never really gotten very far with it.  I have great intentions – then only get part way through the month.

Well today I started looking through my box with all my December Daily stuff from last year.  I picked up my album and found that I had made it through 15 whole days!  I really couldn’t remember doing any days, so this was quite a surprise!  I got through day 7 of actually putting the pages together too.  See, it turns out that I did my pages digitally, then had them printed to add to a bigger embellished page in the actual album.

I just finished actually putting the pages in the album posts and sticking the extra printed pages in so that I can go back and glue them to the bigger page.  Hopefully I can do that in the next day or so. Humm…

Yet another unfinished album to add to the stack…  I’m not doing so well with this tradition am I?

Sooo… this year I am thinking I need a different approach.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Put my album pages together as I normally would (ahead of time) – basically build an empty album with pages ready to be filled.
  • Sometime around Thanksgiving, I’ll start taking photos and gathering stories.  We like to put up our tree and decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, so this will help show a little more of what we do at our house.
  • I won’t worry so much about getting something for each and every day, but focus more on capturing everything that we do.  Some days may be filled with multiple events while others are just basic “go to work, come home, feed kids, put them to bed, relax” kind of days.  (Not that those aren’t worth documenting, but I don’t really need to do that for 20 days of the month and feel like I’ve got to skimp on some of the times that we actually DO something, you know?)
  • Hopefully by the time New Years rolls around, I’ll have a full Holiday album for 2011.

Have you ever done a December Daily album?  Ever lost your motivation part way through the month?  What are your tips for staying on track?  Have you modified your December Daily album to better fit your lifestyle?

Tell me about it…  🙂


2 thoughts on “December Daily 2010 & a Plan

  1. Same here. It is some overwhelming to scrapbook everyday. Heck, I am at least 2 months behind in scrapbooking right now! In the past years I have kind of made it a weekly thing. It makes it much more manageable for me. Good luck. Hope to see your pages posted.

    • Only 2 months behind? Shoot… I’m at least a year (or more) behind. I’ve really got to get all of my supplies re-organized so that I can just occasionally get some work done on them. My girls both have their own album and my youngest’s really needs a lot of work on it. I’m going to have to get some done before she starts taking any interest in looking through the albums and realizes that her’s is missing a lot. oops 🙂

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