Happily Ever After Canvas –

If you are on Pinterest, then you know how amazingly awesome and addictive it can be.  If you are crafty, then you are surely overwhelmed by the amazing ideas that you’ve found.  I sure am!  The more and more people I talk to, the more I find that are crafty and are finally trying some of the awesome crafts that they found on Pinterest.  Well, I’ve started a few things, but haven’t really done any of my crafty ideas yet.  I have tried several recipes, but more about that another time.

Well, I have officially completed my first Pinterest craft!

I found a few similar pieces that I might eventually get around to making… but I started with THIS

Yep, you can see that it retails at £195.00.  Outrageous right?

Well, I happened to have a canvas that wasn’t being used, and some scrapbook letters, and some white spray paint. 🙂  TaDa!  Cost to me = $0.00!  Of course, if you did have to go out and buy the supplies I’d guess you could spend about $8-$10 at most for decent supplies.

Supplies needed:
canvas – any size you like (mine was 11×14)
dimensional letters – I got these from the scrapbooking section of my local craft store.  If they already have an adhesive back, then that is easiest.  But if not, then not a big deal at all,  you’ll just need a little adhesive too.
spray paint (or acrylic if you wish) – I used white because I liked the look of all white for my room, any color would work though.

Start by figuring out where you want your letters to be on the canvas.  I knew I wanted one word on each line, so I started at the bottom corner and drew a straight line.  I placed the first letter of my last word on the line to get my starting point, then also drew a vertical line up the side so that I had a guide for where each first letter should start.  Based off the size of my letters, I decided that the space between the lines should be about 1″, so I simply drew my guide lines 1″ apart.

Start placing all of your letters to make your phrase and be sure to check your spelling 🙂

When all the letters are placed then erase any of your guide lines as best as you can. 🙂

Now, go to a well ventilated space (outside) and coat your canvas in spray paint.  Light even sprays work best.  If you are painting white on white, then the part you want to worry about most will definitely be where your letters are and to cover up any pencil marks.  If you use a darker color paint, you might have to make multiple coats to get your desired intensity.

Once the paint is dry, you have this…

Now, hang that beautiful piece of artwork you just made and enjoy!


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