Day In The Life

OK… so I decided that I have several great photos from last week that I actually took… and I’ve been taking various photos the past few days so I decided to do a “day in the life” mini album instead of a “week in the life” album.  That way I can skip a day if I need to and I won’t feel bad about it – and it will all still flow 🙂

Here are my photos from yesterday:


(all photos from 10/07 are from after I got home from work)

  • woke up & started to get ready for work
  • took blood sugar reading
  • packed lunch & snacks for the day
  • ate my Eggo waffles while driving to work
  • worked…
  • blood sugar then snack time
  • ate lunch in my car, curled up all cozy with my book (wanted to just take a nap)
  • worked some more…
  • blood sugar then snack time… again
  • visited with Desiree & Lisa
  • drove home
  • changed into my cozy pj pants
  • folded laundry
  • got my snack together – apple, water with lime juice and a few pieces of indian corn
  • lounged on the couch while snacking
  • found a bone folder and scored all the invitations that I am working on
  • Jeremy called on his way home so I started dinner
  • ate dinner together
  • checked emails
  • attempted to take a new “belly shot”
  • Shadow wanted in on the action in the bathroom, so I turned the water faucet on for her to drink out of
  • got comfy in the bed and worked on a little bit more of my knitting
  • “Greek” was on so I re-started it from the beginning (thanks TiVo!)
  • back started hurting so I put away the knitting and laid down
  • dozed off to sleep 🙂

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