Week In The Life Update & New project

OK, so I failed miserably at Ali’s Week In The Life project this past week.  I really started off with the best of intentions, but it just didn’t exactly work out in the end.  I kept forgetting to have a camera with me to take pictures… and there must be pictures!

I haven’t given up completely though.  I’m going to try and plan out another week to try this project and maybe be a little bit more organized before I start.  I really want to make sure that I actually complete this project because I think it will be great to look back and remember what days were like before the baby was born.

Right now, I am getting ready to start on a new crafty project… Birth Announcements!  I found a really cute idea and I’m headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up my papers during my lunch break.  I can get pretty much the entire card ready before baby gets here, then all I have to do is take a photo and have it printed, cropped and adhered to the card; and then of course add the name, birthday, weight, length, etc. to the inside then drop them in the mail.  I’m excited that I’ll actually get the chance to do a handmade announcement and not have to rush so much at the end to be able to get them out.  🙂  Of course, I won’t be sharing any photos of this project until after they are mailed out (and that’s if I remember to post anything).


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