What a complete and utter slacker I have been for the past few months!!!  I can’t believe I moved this blog over here and never updated anything within all this time!  I’m really going to try and be better!

I have been pretty slack on my scrapbooking lately anyway, just not a whole lot of time or pictures to scrap.  I know this will all change in the next few months, so I’m just trying to enjoy the quiet time for now.  In my scrapbooking life lately I have cut myself down to just one CT, because I certainly do not have enough photos to keep me working on all my requirements for the 2 CTs that I was on.  So while I will miss everyone at ElementalScraps for now, I do plan on stopping by there when I get a chance just to say HI and check out any new designs that are out.  Now, I am only working on the Chirpi CT.  Since Chirpi is currently run by just one designer it definitely helps me keep at my slower pace and still get my requirements done (and sometimes a few extra).  Of course, lately Vici (at Chirpi) has been coming out with lots of stuff, that it has been a bit hard to keep up. 🙂

In my real life paper scrapping life, I have joined a Stampin’Up Scrapbook Club.  We meet once a month and work on one or two 2-page layouts per meeting.  I had really missed actually working with paper in my scrapbooking and this will definitely keep me going and actually get pages scrapped.

Alright, I guess I feel a bit better now that I have gotten this updated a bit… I’ll (hopefully) be back within the next week or so with something new 🙂


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